Why Lemon Water Kicks So Much Butt

Hey guys, Kelly is here again today to tell you why she loves drinking lemon water, and why you should love it too!

why lemon water kicks so much butt

Sodas and sugary drinks seem to be everyone go to these days. What happened to delicious water? It is calorie free and oh so good for you! I pretty much only drink water. Although I am a sucker for some Chick-fil-a sweet tea, I'm not going to lie. If I'm not drinking water I have either green tea or coffee. It amazes me when people say they hate water. How can you hate something you are almost completely made of?! They say it's boring and they want flavor! Well sodas and sugar filled drinks are NOT the way to go people!

Say you drink just one soda a day, right? What harm can that do? Well get this, by eliminating that 16oz soda a day you can reduce your calorie intake per year 54,750 calories. That is 15 pounds! WHOA.

Lately, I have been into infusing my water with fruits and mint leaves. I have especially been enjoying lemon water! I personally love lemony things and it makes your water feel even more refreshing. It also leaves a yummy taste in your mouth! I enjoy cold, filtered water with a slice of lemon. It is also good hot with some honey and ginger, or even green tea for added benefits.

So me being my nerdy self decided to look up the benefits of lemon water and I was actually surprised by some of my findings! (BTW, These are not all the benefits, just some I found interesting. I am in no way giving medical advice, I am just sharing some info I found!)

1. Lemon water does not make you lose weight. DUH, nothing MAKES you lose weight besides eating well and exercising. Lemon water simply hydrates your body which then helps boost your metabolism. Staying hydrated is one of the best things you can do for your body. Lemon water can help aid in weight loss because limiting your amount of sugary drinks for something calorie free is definitely a plus, but once again, it does not make you lose weight.

2. It helps with constipation! Everyone likes to poop, just admit it. If you struggle with IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) like myself, then whatever helps I say! But this goes back to staying hydrated, because that helps with digestion as well.

3. It can help with bad breath. The acid can help fight off the bad bacteria in your mouth. Do not stop brushing your teeth though, please. Also, because of the acid in the lemon it is good to rinse with plain water after you are done drinking the lemon water to avoid enamel erosion, my dentist told me that ;)

4. Lemon water helps you be alert. Not only do lemons have a great amount of Vitamin C they also contain potassium and that helps with nerve function.

5. Lemons help reduce inflammation. Whether you are bloated or have some acne on your face, it helps! Now if you are bloated all the time and it doesn't seem to go away.. then I think maybe it's time to see a doctor? The vitamin C along with the anti inflammatory properties in lemons also helps with killing bad bacteria in the skin helping rid of acne!

Side note: I have seen at home face washes using lemons and other ingredients that supposedly help get rid of blackheads and help acne. I am going to try those and share my experiences in a later post!

Lemons are great. They smell great, they taste great, they look great. I love lemons! Not just straight up eating them though, ew. But who knew lemon water could do so much?! Next time you want a soda or juice, try some lemon water! You won't be disappointed :)!

Do you like lemon water? Do you think you could substitute at least one sugary drink a day with water? What do you like to infuse your water with? Give lemon water a try and tell me what you think!