Fall Adventures & Produce Guide

My favorite season is officially here! It is Fall again, and I can hardly believe it. As I get older it seems like time is constantly speeding up. It feels like just yesterday that I was drinking apple cider and planning Halloween costumes, and here I am, doing it again! This year fall holds even more meaning than usual because my best friend just had her first baby, literally yesterday. I am going to be going on my first solo road trip this weekend to go meet him, and I am really excited. Not only that, but while I am back in Virginia my Dad will be turning 70! Even though I have never been on a road trip alone I am looking forward to it because the leaves are already changing here in Michigan, so I think the drive will be beautiful. I will be bringing Bodhi, some podcasts, and lots of snacks! Whenever I am traveling I always try to eat a lot of produce in order to combat the massive amounts of junk food I usually eat, and even though the weather is changing and things are getting cooler, there is still a plethora of fresh foods to choose from. Check out this seasonal produce guide, and I'll catch you on the other side of my trip!